Entry Phase

medctm explores the client´s requirement sufficiently addressing the present situation, the overall target as well as the expected client´s contribution in the project. Typically this takes place over one or more initial meetings and leads to a common decision of cooperation


The comprehensive evaluation of the current situation enables a more detailed understanding and displays issues or challenges highlighted by the client or the environment. Typically this diagnosis phase will take a few working days.


medctm presents a detailed proposal which later acts as the assignment objectives and master plan. It will be the responsibility of medctm to propose the best solution regarding the client´s own economic and organisational situation as well as the specific market conditions in the targeted country.

Conception & Implementation

medctm takes responsibility for the successful implementation of the commonly agreed strategy including all relevant aspects, no matter if the issues are to be solved in the headquarters or in the local Middle Eastern market. Professional project management, master plan tracking process and conducting periodic feedback reviews with the client are self evident. Knowledge handover, no matter if made via training, determining and sourcing ‘business as usual’ successors or by sharing of lessons learnt’ in the process, are key success factors for medctm´s cooperation with its clients.