The core value of any consultancy is the team working for you. medctm® consultants provide a wide range of expertise necessary to successfully act in the market of the Middle East. From strategy coaching to on site project management, from marketing concepts to local communication, from the development of comprehensive training concepts to local staff training, from personal management coaching to supervision and ongoing efficiency monitoring, the team of medctm® is exactly focused on.

Arabic language and cultural skills are self-evident with our top management and senior consultants.

A strong network to government authorities, local medical service providers, clinics and local distributors in the Middle East enables our clients a direct, cost efficient and successful market development for high quality medical products and services.

The team of experts is lead by a highly experienced marketing and sales expert with Arabic background. His specific industry knowledge is based on his work in the international sales department of a major medical company and several medical consulting projects in the Middle East in cooperation.